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A sophisticated dimension
in refreshment.

Australia's gin since 1930

In Regency-era London, brothers John and Joseph Vickers created a drink of exceptional refinement and purity.

Their distillery, J & J Vickers & Co. was first registered in 1813, with both brother’s John and Joseph being Master Distillers through time. By 1824 the brothers set up the company J & J Vickers & Co. and operated from their distillery on the Thames River in Stoney Street, London.

Vickers was first exported from London to Australia in the early 1930’s, and by the early 1940’s it was made under license in Geelong, Victoria, continuing to be inspired by the original recipe. Generations have continued seeking out Vickers Gin for its sophisticated dimension in refreshment.

It all starts with the finest ingredients

Vickers Gin is made with a proprietary blend of botanicals which create a subtle, crisp and elegant Gin.

Using the classic Juniper Berry which opens up a wonderful perfumed fragrance, other botanicals include Angelica Root for subtle earthy tones, Bitter Almonds for a silky, smooth palate, Caraway Oil adding texture and Coriander providing light citrus notes and hints of gingery spice.

The result is a subtle and elegant gin that is crisp and refined and perfect for mixed drinks.

The London Dry Process

Vickers Gin continues to be produced in the traditional London Dry Style and made exclusively from agricultural grain, in this case high quality corn. The spirit and botanicals are distilled to 70% ABV though a still over 14 hours with consistency and quality maintained under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Graham Buller.

Vickers London Dry

The crisp, poised blend of aromatics and botanicals are distilled to crystal clarity in the true london dry gin tradition. Complexities are smoothly balanced around gin’s signature note of evergreen juniper.

Vickers Gin is an unquestionable classic. Dressed up or down. Boldly accessorized in a cocktail. Elegantly minimalist in a martini or gin and tonic.



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